iRedAPD plugin: greylisting

Issue #55 resolved
Zhang Huangbin
repo owner created an issue

[DONE] Goal: must support server-wide, per-domain and per-user greylisting control.


  • Greylisting works before queue, Postfix smtp protocol state RCPT.
  • Need a SQL table to track all smtp sessions. (that means we need a cron job to clean up expired sessions.)
  • Must be able to whitelist some senders (based on IP, email, domain name) to bypass greylisting.

Need further update:

  • SQL structure to store greylisting settings. How to query, update them.
  • SQL structure to store session tracking. How to query, update them.


  • Check SPF record before greylisting, bypass greylisting if sender IP address is listed in SPF record. [Suggested by forum user bmackay.] [NOT DONE. Create a separate issue to track this request.]
  • Timed greylisting? e.g. disable greylisting automatically from 7AM-11PM, then enable greylisting in 11PM - 7AM. [WONT FIX]

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