iRedAPD plugin: throttling

Issue #56 resolved
Zhang Huangbin
repo owner created an issue
  • [DONE] Must support server-wide setting, per-domain, per-user setting.
  • [DONE] Priorities: client IP -> per-user > per-domain > server-wide. Stop at first match.
  • [DONE] Throttling works on both Postfix smtp protocol states: RCPT, END-OF-MESSAGE.

    • [DONE] RCPT checks throttling of max messages.
    • [DONE] END-OF-MESSAGE checks throttling of single message size, max quota, and update current quota, total messages, total quota.

Throttling based on:

  • number of sent mails sent in particular period:

    • [DONE] per sender IP address
    • [DONE] per sender email address
    • [DONE] per sender domain

Need further update:

  • SQL structure to track all smtp sessions.
  • SQL structure to store throttling settings. [partly done]

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