web-based iRedMail installer

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Zhang Huangbin
repo owner created an issue


  • Show more information during installation wizard to help sys admin understand how it works.
  • i18n support
  • A prettier, more beautiful interface


  • It will contain several web pages, just like current command line based iRedMail installer. I believe we can improve the web pages to use less web pages than current installer, some simple javascript is required. A one-page design sounds good too. Check screenshots of current installer here: http://www.iredmail.org/docs/install.iredmail.on.rhel.html#screenshots-of-installation

  • It's better to use minimalist CSS/JavaScript files since we're going to ship it in iRedMail release. For example, use a lightweight CSS framework like http://purecss.io, or write all CSS/JS from scratch.

  • It must be clean, responsive, works on both PC/Mac web browsers, and mobile phones. This way system admin can finish the installation with a smartphone like Android/iPhone, no need to pick up a PC/Mac.

  • Web pages must look beautiful.

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