Missing maillist in Global Addressbook

Issue #91 resolved
Johan Olsson created an issue

When using LDAP as backend for SOGo. Mail lists in Global Address book are not displayed, even if enabledService=displayedInGlobalAddressbook has been set for the list. Issue is in SOGoUserSources with displayName = "Global Address Book". The filter is set to
filter = "objectClass=mailUser AND accountStatus=active AND enabledService=mail AND enabledService=sogo AND enabledService=displayedInGlobalAddressBook";

Solution is to remove objectClass filter and enabledService=sogo.
filter = "accountStatus=active AND enabledService=mail AND enabledService=displayedInGlobalAddressBook";

Or you can keep enabledService=sogo and add it to each maillist.

Tested the solution with removing objectClass filter and enabledService=sogo and can now see the mailinglists in Global Address Book.

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  1. Zhang Huangbin repo owner

    Please try this filter:

    ((enabledService=mail AND accountStatus=active AND enabledService=displayedInGlobalAddressBook) AND ((objectClass=mailUser AND enabledService=mail AND enabledService=sogo) OR (objectClass=mailList) OR (objectClass=mailAlias)))

    Let me know whether or not it works for you, i'd like to update iRedMail to use it by default.

  2. Johan Olsson reporter

    Works like a charm! I've only tested searching for mailUser and mailList. I don't have any mailAlias yet.

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