Quota view - impossible to see whole picture and sort

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Dimi Vel
created an issue

We have ~ 300 domains , which makes iredadmin/domains display 6 pages.

However if we want to find out who is using most of the disk space we have to go through all the pages (as sorting work per page only), plus it sorts alphabetically (doesn't take into consideration KB, MB , GB)

Would be good if sroting by Quota /Usage could be implemented properly

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  1. Dimi Vel reporter

    In my case im more interested in in used space in MB/ GB.

    As we do not set quotas often - clients can use as much as they want, but we need to monitor MB used, asking them to clean their inboxes if they are using too much space.


  2. Dimi Vel reporter

    OK thanks,

    Actually we are using "used_quota" table for now - as it shows everything we need, plus it shows "per email" rather than "per domain" - wich is also handy - we can see exactly who is using most of the space :)

    But would be good having this inside of the interface :)


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