API no longer supported

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Chris Foster created an issue

API no longer supported, resaulting in all commands erroring.
"This API is no longer supported.\n\nFor information about its removal, please refer to the deprecation notice at: https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/bitbucket/deprecation-notice-v1-apis/"

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  1. Soyeb Aswat

    I have updated this to use the v2 api. I have tested create, delete, clone, and list. Other commands might work too. I cannot upload my changes though. I get access error when trying to create a pull request.

  2. Soyeb Aswat

    Thanks Neil, yours seems more feature complete compared to mine. When I get the chance I’ll move anything uuseful from mine to yours if you are ok with it.

  3. Martynas Dauciunas

    Does anyone care to merge it to master ? so that people would be able to use ‘pip install bitbucket-cli’ again ?

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