Jordi Esteve (Zikzakmedia) committed 67a25e9

Fix journal selection when invoicing from lines

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 __all__ = ['Invoice', 'InvoiceLine']
 __metaclass__ = PoolMeta
+    'out_invoice': 'revenue',
+    'in_invoice': 'expense',
+    'out_credit_note': 'revenue',
+    'in_credit_note': 'expense',
 class Invoice:
         Journal = Pool().get('account.journal')
         PaymentTerm = Pool().get('account.invoice.payment_term')
-        journal_id =[
-            ('type', '=', 'expense'),
-            ], limit=1)
-        if journal_id:
-            journal_id = journal_id[0]
+        journals =[
+                ('type', '=', _TYPE2JOURNAL.get(self.type or 'out_invoice',
+                        'revenue')),
+                ], limit=1)
+        if journals:
+            journal_id, = journals
         payment_term_ids =[('active', '=', True)])
         if not len(payment_term_ids) > 0:
             if category.account_revenue:
                 account_found = True
                 category = category.parent
-        if not account_found: 
+        if not account_found:
                 error_args=(, product))
                 if category.account_revenue:
                     account = category.account_revenue
                     category = category.parent
-        if not account: 
+        if not account:
                 error_args=(, product))
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