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Draft Mailbox. When recipients emails are not valid, add email in this mailbox

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+* Draft Mailbox. When recipients emails are not valid, add email in this mailbox
 * When send_email, ElectronicMail flag send field is True
 * Date when generate email use localtime (time server)
 * Template. Default template field is True
     name = fields.Char('Name', required=True)
     model = fields.Many2One(
         'ir.model', 'Model', required=True, select="1")
+    draft_mailbox = fields.Many2One(
+        'electronic.mail.mailbox', 'Draft Mailbox', required=True)
     # All the following fields are expression fields which are evaluated
     # safely, the other fields are directly used from electronic_mail itself
             email_message = self.render(template, record)
             email_id = email_object.create_from_email(
-            self.send_email(email_id)
+            self.send_email(email_id, template)
         return True
     def mail_from_trigger(self, record_ids, trigger_id):
         trigger = trigger_obj.browse(trigger_id)
         return self.render_and_send(, record_ids)
-    def send_email(self, email_id):
+    def send_email(self, email_id, template):
         Send out the given email using the SMTP_CLIENT if configured in the
         Tryton Server configuration
         :param email_id: ID of the email to be sent
+        :param template: Browse Record of the template
         email_obj = Pool().get('electronic.mail')
         email_record = email_obj.browse(email_id)
         recepients = recepients_from_fields(email_record)
+        """Validate recipients to send or move email to draft mailbox"""
+        emails = ",".join(recepients)
+        if not email_obj.get_email_valid(emails):
+            """Draft Mailbox. Not send email"""
+            email_obj.write(, {
+                'mailbox': template.draft_mailbox,
+                })
+            return False
             server = get_smtp_server()
             server.sendmail(email_record.from_, recepients,
               <field name="from_"/>
               <label name="mailbox"/>
               <field name="mailbox"/>
+              <label name="draft_mailbox"/>
+              <field name="draft_mailbox"/>
               <label name="subject"/>
               <field name="subject"/>
               <label name="signature"/>