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#This file is part product_price_list_formula module for Tryton.
#The COPYRIGHT file at the top level of this repository contains 
#the full copyright notices and license terms.

from trytond.model import ModelView, ModelSQL, fields
from import safe_eval, datetime_strftime
from trytond.transaction import Transaction
from trytond.pool import Pool, PoolMeta

from decimal import Decimal

__all__ = ['PriceList', 'PriceListLine']
__metaclass__ = PoolMeta

class PriceList:
    __name__ = 'product.price_list'

    def __setup__(cls):
        super(PriceList, cls).__setup__()
            'not_found_price_list': 'Not found price list: %s!',

    def _get_context_price_list_line(self, party, product, unit_price,
            quantity, uom):
        Add party and product available in formula

        :param party: the BrowseRecord of the
        :param product: the BrowseRecord of the product.product
        :param unit_price: a Decimal for the default unit price in the
            company's currency and default uom of the product
        :param quantity: the quantity of product
        :param uom: the BrowseRecord of the product.uom
        :return: a dictionary
        res = super(PriceList, self)._get_context_price_list_line(
            party, product, unit_price, quantity, uom)
        res['product'] = product
        res['party'] = party
        res['quantity'] = quantity
        res['price_list'] = Pool().get('product.price_list')
        return res

    def compute_price_list(self, price_list):
        Compute price based another price list

        :param price_list: the price list id or the BrowseRecord of the
        :return: the computed unit price
        if isinstance(price_list, (int, long)):
            price_list = self(price_list)

            self.raise_user_error('not_found_price_list', price_list)

        product = Transaction().context['product']
        return self.compute(
                        Transaction().context.get('uom', product.default_uom))

class PriceListLine:
    'Price List Line'
    __name__ = 'product.price_list.line'

    def check_formula(self):
        Check formula
        Add new params test in context: product, customer and price list object
        pool = Pool()
        PriceList = pool.get('product.price_list')
        context = PriceList()._get_context_price_list_line(None, None,
                Decimal('0.0'), 0, None)

        product = pool.get('product.product').search([
            ('salable', '=', True),
            ], 0, 1, None)[0]
        context['product'] =  pool.get('product.product')(product)
        customer = pool.get('').search([], 0, 1, None)[0]
        context['customer'] = pool.get('')(customer)
        context['price_list'] = pool.get('product.price_list')

        with Transaction().set_context(**context):
                if not isinstance(self.get_unit_price(), Decimal):
                    return False
            except Exception:
                return False
        return True