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pyflakes fixed

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 from decimal import Decimal
 from trytond.model import fields
 from trytond.pyson import Eval
-from trytond.transaction import Transaction
 from trytond.pool import Pool, PoolMeta
 __all__ = ['Sale', 'SaleLine']
         Return the margin of each sale lines
         Currency = Pool().get('currency.currency')
-        res = {}
         if self.type == 'line':
             cost = Decimal(str(self.quantity)) * (self.cost_price or Decimal('0.0')) 
             amount = Decimal(str(self.quantity)) * (self.unit_price)
 from setuptools import setup
 import re
-import os
 import ConfigParser
 config = ConfigParser.ConfigParser()


 import unittest
 import trytond.tests.test_tryton
-from trytond.tests.test_tryton import POOL, DB_NAME, USER, CONTEXT, test_view,\
-    test_depends
-from trytond.transaction import Transaction
+from trytond.tests.test_tryton import test_view, test_depends
 class SaleMarginTestCase(unittest.TestCase):