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trytond-sale_payment_policy / sale.py

#This file is part of sale_payment_policy module for Tryton.
#The COPYRIGHT file at the top level of this repository contains 
#the full copyright notices and license terms.
from trytond.model import ModelView, ModelSQL, fields
from trytond.pool import Pool, PoolMeta
from trytond.pyson import Eval

__all__ = ['SalePaymentPolicy', 'SaleShop', 'Sale']
__metaclass__ = PoolMeta

    'readonly': Eval('state') != 'draft',

class SalePaymentPolicy(ModelSQL, ModelView):
    'Sale Payment Policy'
    __name__ = 'sale.payment.policy'
    _rec_name = 'payment_type'

    payment_type = fields.Many2One('account.payment.type', "Payment Type",
    invoice_method = fields.Selection([
            ('manual', 'Manual'),
            ('order', 'On Order Processed'),
            ('shipment', 'On Shipment Sent'),
        'Invoice Method', required=True)
    shipment_method = fields.Selection([
            ('manual', 'Manual'),
            ('order', 'On Order Processed'),
            ('invoice', 'On Invoice Paid'),
            ], 'Shipment Method', required=True)
    shop = fields.Many2One('sale.shop', 'Shop', required=True)

class SaleShop:
    __name__ = 'sale.shop'

    payment_policies = fields.One2Many('sale.payment.policy', 'shop',
                                     "Payment Policies")

class Sale:
    __name__ = 'sale.sale'

    party = fields.Many2One('party.party', 'Party', required=True, select=True,
            'readonly': Eval('state') != 'draft',
            }, on_change=['party', 'payment_term', 'shop', 'payment_type'],
        depends=['state', 'shop', 'payment_type'])
    payment_type = fields.Many2One('account.payment.type',
        'Payment Type', states=_STATES, 
        on_change=['shop', 'payment_type'],

    def on_change_party(self):
        changes = super(Sale, self).on_change_party()
        self.payment_type = changes.get('payment_type', None)
        return changes

    def on_change_payment_type(self):
        changes = {}
        PaymentPolicy = Pool().get('sale.payment.policy')
        payment_policies = PaymentPolicy.search([
                ('shop', '=', self.shop),
                ('payment_type', '=', self.payment_type),
        for payment_policy in payment_policies:
            changes['invoice_method'] = payment_policy.invoice_method
            changes['shipment_method'] = payment_policy.shipment_method
        return changes