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Raimon Esteve (Zikzakmedia)  committed edf6ad6

Sale write: sale have not related a shop

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         super(Sale, cls).__setup__()
                 'not_sale_shop': 'What shop would like to sell? Go to preferences',
+                'sale_not_shop': 'Sale have not related a shop',
                 'edit_sale_by_shop': 'You cannot edit this order because you do not '
                     'have permission to edit in this shop.',
         if not user.id == 0:
             shops = [s.id for s in user.shops]
             for sale in sales:
+                if not sale.shop:
+                    cls.raise_user_error('sale_not_shop')
                 if not sale.shop.id in shops:
         super(Sale, cls).write(sales, vals)