Raimon Esteve (Zikzakmedia) avatar Raimon Esteve (Zikzakmedia) committed e91b13b

Remove discount field and move to group stock_price

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     'xml': [
+        'move.xml',
     'translation': [
+<?xml version="1.0"?>
+<!-- This file is part stock_valued module for Tryton.
+The COPYRIGHT file at the top level of this repository contains the full copyright notices and license terms. -->
+    <data>
+        <record model="ir.ui.view" id="move_view_form">
+            <field name="model">stock.move</field>
+            <field name="inherit" ref="stock.move_view_form"/>
+            <field name="arch" type="xml">
+                <![CDATA[
+                <data>
+                    <xpath expr="/form/field[@name='discount']"
+                            position="replace">
+                    </xpath>
+                    <xpath expr="/form/label[@name='discount']"
+                            position="replace">
+                    </xpath>
+                    <xpath
+                        expr="/form/group[@id=&quot;stock_price&quot;]/field[@name=&quot;unit_price&quot;]"
+                        position="after">
+                            <label name="discount"/>
+                            <field name="discount"/>
+                    </xpath>
+                </data>
+                ]]>
+            </field>
+        </record>
+    </data>
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