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Rviz for Android is a version of Willow Garage's rviz 3D visualizer for robots running ROS.

Installing and Using Rviz for Android

The easiest way to get starting with Rviz for Android is to download the prebuild APK file from the downloads page to your tablet and installing it. Remember to enable installing applications from unknown sources in your tablet's settings under "security".

Rviz for Android requires a tablet running Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) or higher. A Python resource server, available on the downloads page, to be running alongside roscore. The server will provide the tablet with meshes and textures referenced by markers and URDF. It wil also automatically create TF throttle and clock throttle nodes upon startup and can start and stop nodes when requested by the tablet application. The server requires Python 2.6.5 or higher and the TF throttle node to be installed.

Currently Rviz for Android uses an NDK based wrapper for libtiff, available here, to load TIF textures. Because this code runs is compiled it is hardware specific to processors that with the ARMv5TE instruction set. If you're running Rviz for Android on a non-ARM Android tablet, you will have to rebuild the source for your tablet's architecture.

If you're having problems with Rviz for Android, please see the FAQ page.


To add new display modes to Rviz for Android, consult the contributing page for tutorials and example code. Rviz for Android is currently compatible with revision e51b1dd6b23f of ROSJava, available here. Later versions of ROSJava may not be compatible! The library project "android_gingerbread_mr1" from the ROSJava Android repository is also required to build Rviz for Android from source.

Thanks to Dave Hershberger of Willow Garage and Damon Kohler of Google for their help with this project!


If you have any questions about Rviz for Android (or suggestions), please email me at My Willow Garage email account is unfortunately no longer active.