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Steps for making a release:

* update url in qtlib.openhelpcontents()            (major release only)
* build pdf hgbook, check into thg-winbuild         (major release only)
* hg status -ar --rev 1.6:tip  # find new files that WiX needs to know about
* Pull latest translations from Launchpad
* set revision number in doc/source/conf.py
* tag stable branches of thg and shellext repos, push
* build release installer
* commit extension versions, tag, push thg-winbuild
* create and upload a tarball (python setup.py sdist)
* upload installer to bitbucket, sourceforge, codeplex
* update URLs and front page of thg-web
* update thg-html curversion.txt, regen thg-web, commit, push
* update NEWS on wiki front page
* wiki: Move FixedBugs or upcoming-release-notes to ReleaseNotes, empty FixedBugs
* [ANN] email to tortoisehg-discuss and mercurial@selenic.com
* Update Mercurial wiki NEWS and Downloads and TortoiseHg pages
* build html,pdf hgbook, check into thg-web         (major release only)
* wiki: Move ReleaseNotes to old-release-notes      (major release only)

Post Major Release:
* Increment minimum Mercurial version in tortoisehg/util/hgversion.py
* Sweep through code and remove hacks for older Mercurial releases
* Update http://bitbucket.org/tortoisehg/thg/wiki/ReleaseNotes#matching-versions