Steve Borho committed f06b528

hggtk: reestablish ctrl-Q as a global close keysequence

This is _ugly_, but PyGtk seems to require all these hacks
gtk.Window() ignores delete events submitted internally unless
you manually call gtk.main_quit()

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             elif res != gtk.RESPONSE_NO:
                 live = True
+        if not live and self.main:
+            self._destroying(widget)
         return live
     def should_live(self, widget=None, event=None):
+        if self.main:
+            self._destroying(widget)
+        else:
+            self.destroy()
         return False
         return False
-    def should_live(self, widget=None, event=None):
-        return False
     ### End of overrides ###
     def _do_reload_status(self):