thg / win32 / mercurial.rc

; System-wide Mercurial config file.
; See or the file
; 'hgrc.5.html' in the 'docs' subdirectory for help about the syntax
; and semantics of mercurial.ini files.
; !!!  Do Not Edit This File !!!
; This file will be replaced by the installer on every upgrade.
; Editing this file can cause strange side effects on Vista.
; To change settings you see in this file, override (or enable) them in
; your user Mercurial.ini file, where USERNAME is your Windows user name:
; XP or older    - C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Mercurial.ini
; Vista or later - C:\Users\USERNAME\Mercurial.ini

; editor used to enter commit logs, etc.  Most any text editor
; will suffice.
editor = notepad

; In order to push/pull over ssh you must specify a ssh tool
ssh = "TortoisePlink.exe" -ssh -2
;ssh = C:\cygwin\bin\ssh

; Define external diff commands, for hg command line use only
;kdiff3 =

; The git extended diff format will properly store binary files,
; file permission changes, and rename information that the normal
; patch format cannot cover.  However it is also not 100% compatible
; with tools which expect normal patches. so enable these at your
; own risk.
;git = false
;nodates = false

; Keyword extension example configuration.  To use, one must
; enable the keyword extension, then uncomment and modify these
; two sections.  Before using the keyword extension, be sure to
; thoroughly read it's documentation and understand how it works,
; and why it is not a core feature of Mercurial.
; If you encounter strange problems using Mercurial, a good first
; debugging step would be to disable this extension.
; expand keywords in all python files in working dir
;**.py =

; See documentation for examples

; The schemes extension must be enabled to use one of these shortcuts.
; See
;bb =
;bb+ssh = ssh://
;py =