Builder OSS

This is the sandbox builder game for Empeld. It is a mode that contains multiple worlds for playing with, along with a basic sandbox-style build mode.

This has been released as an open source project for the community to reference as an example and build upon.


In order to use this mod, you'll need a copy of Empeld. You can grab it over at


1) To build, simply put a copy of empeld in a "empeld-core" subfolder next to the code. This folder can be a symlink/junction to a release copy of Empeld. 2) Create a symlink/junction: empeld-core/plugins/builder => builder_content 3) Verify that the built version of builder goes to empeld-core/plugins/


This plugin is released under the MIT license. If you modify it, I encourage you to re-release it to the community, or even file a pull request to get it into this branch, but you aren't required to.