pynoto / src / Project / IProjectPlugin.h

#include "Include/IPlugin.h"
#include "Include/IProject.h"

class QAction;
namespace Main {class IApplicationOutput;}
namespace Project {

class IProjectPlugin: public IPlugin
    virtual ~IProjectPlugin(){}

    virtual QWidget  * widget(QWidget * parent) = 0;
    virtual IProject * project() = 0;
    void preferecesChanged();
    void runned();
    void stoped();
    void output(const QString& msg);
    void error(const QString& msg);
public slots:
    virtual void editProperties(QWidget * parent) = 0;
    virtual void createNewProject(QWidget *parent) = 0;
    virtual void run() = 0;
    virtual void stop() = 0;


Q_DECLARE_INTERFACE(Project::IProjectPlugin, "Pynoto.IProjectPlugin/1.0")

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