pynoto / src / PythonEditor / PythonCompliter.cpp

#include <QDebug>
#include "Include/PynotoApplication.h"
#include "Include/IProjectPlugin.h"
#include "PythonCompliter.h"
#include "PythonEditorWidget.h"
#include "ComplititionList.h"

namespace PythonEditor {

PythonCompliter::PythonCompliter(PythonEditorWidget* parent):
    _project = Aux::plugin<Project::IProjectPlugin*>("project")->project();
    connect(_project, SIGNAL(interpretChanged()), SLOT(initPyCode()));
    connect(_project, SIGNAL(lintChanged()), SLOT(checkErrors()));
    _list = new ComplititionList(_editor, _editor->viewport());

void PythonCompliter::initPyCode()
    bool reload = true;
    if (!_python)
        reload = false;
    _python = _project->pythonCode();
    if (_python){
        connect(_python, SIGNAL(errors(QString,QList<ErrorItem>)), SLOT(onErrors(QString,QList<ErrorItem>)));
        connect(_python, SIGNAL(complitition(QString,int,QString,QList<Completition>)), SLOT(onComplit(QString,int,QString,QList<Completition>)));
    if (reload && _python)

void PythonCompliter::checkErrors()
    if (_python)
        _python->errorList(_editor->fileName(), _editor->content());

void PythonCompliter::showComplit(int pos)
    if (_python)
        _python->codeComplit(_editor->fileName(), _editor->content(), pos);

void PythonCompliter::hide()

void PythonCompliter::onErrors(const QString& fileName, const QList<PythonCode::IPythonCode::ErrorItem>& items)
    if (fileName == _editor->fileName()){

void PythonCompliter::onComplit(const QString& fileName, int pos, const QString& word, const QList<Completition>& items)
    if (fileName != _editor->fileName())
    _list->complete(pos, word, items);

bool PythonCompliter::isVisible()
    return _list->popup()->isVisible();

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