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Handling the return type of raw_input builtin

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 Small Stories
-* Handling `raw_input` builtin function
+- Handling `raw_input` builtin function
 * Refactor `rope.base.refactor.importutils`
 * Not holding current_folder in `FromImport`?
 * Move method up/down


         holding = _infer_sequence_for_pyname(passed)
     return Iterator(holding)
+def _input_function(args):
+    return get_str()
 builtins = {
     'list': BuiltinName(get_list_type()),
     'enumerate': BuiltinName(BuiltinFunction(function=_enumerate_function, builtin=enumerate)),
     'object': BuiltinName(BuiltinObject()),
     'type': BuiltinName(BuiltinType()),
-    'iter': BuiltinName(BuiltinFunction(function=_iter_function, builtin=iter))}
+    'iter': BuiltinName(BuiltinFunction(function=_iter_function, builtin=iter)),
+    'raw_input': BuiltinName(BuiltinFunction(function=_input_function, builtin=raw_input))}
 for name in dir(__builtin__):
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