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updated some pydocs in change and restructure modules

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File rope/base/

     def get_description(self):
-        """Return the description of this change"""
+        """Return the description of this change
+        This can be used for previewing the changes.
+        """
         return str(self)
     def get_changed_resources(self):
+        """Return the list of resources that will be changed"""
         return []
     these fields:
     * `changes`: the list of changes
-    * `description`: the reason of these changes
+    * `description`: the goal of these changes

File rope/refactor/

     def __init__(self, project, pattern, goal, args=None,
                  imports=None, wildcards=None):
+        """Construct a restructuring
+        See class pydoc for more info about the arguments.
+        """
         self.pycore = project.pycore
         self.pattern = pattern
         self.goal = goal
         `checks` argument has been deprecated.  Use the `args` argument
         of the constructor.  The usage of::
           strchecks = {'obj1.type': 'mod.A', 'obj2': 'mod.B',
                        'obj3.object': 'mod.C'}
           checks = restructuring.make_checks(strchecks)