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Added basic plans for splitting rope repo

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 * Should `rope.base` be thread safe? which parts?
+Splitting The Repository
+Currently rope, ropeide and ropemacs are in rope main repo.  I think
+putting them in separate repos will make releasing them easier.
+rope_py3k Branch
+In rope_py3k, ropeide changes are minor.  So I think only having a
+separate rope_py3k suffies.  Ropeide for py3k can be obtained using a
+small patch.
+The Process
+Fortunately hg convert extension takes a filemap file that can be used
+for filtering and renaming files.
+ropeide filemap::
+  exclude .
+  include rope/ui
+  include ropeide
+  include rope/ide
+  exclude rope/ide/generate.py
+  exclude rope/ide/codeassist.py
+  exclude rope/ide/ropemacs.py
+  include ropetest/ui
+  include ropetest/ide
+  exclude ropetest/ide/codeassisttest.py
+  exclude ropetest/ide/generatetest.py
+  include COPYING
+  include rope.py
+  include ropeide.py
+  rename tools/ropeide_MANIFEST.txt MANIFEST.txt
+  rename tools/ropeide_setup.py setup.py
+  rename docs/ropeide.txt README.txt
+ropemacs filemap::
+  exclude .
+  include rope/contrib/ropemacs.py
+  include ropemacs.py
+  include COPYING
+  include docs/pymacs_python25.patch
+  rename tools/ropemacs_MANIFEST.txt MANIFEST.txt
+  rename tools/ropemacs_setup.py setup.py
+  rename docs/ropemacs.txt README.txt
+Other Issues
+* Common docs in rope and ropeide
+* Renaming docs/dev/done.txt to NEWS or ChangeLog?
+* Cleaning up stories.txt and done.txt
+* Renaming docs/dev/stories.txt to TODO?
 Cross-Project Refactorings

File docs/dev/workingon.txt

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 Working On
+* What if ropeide 0.7.1 is used with rope 0.7?

File docs/overview.txt

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-Restructuring support is one of the main goals of the ``0.6`` release
+Restructuring support was one of the main goals of the ``0.6`` release
 of rope.  `rope.refactor.restructure` can be used for performing
 restructurings.  Currently a simple dialog has been added for
 performing them in the IDE.
   print pow(2, 3)
 Now that we know ``**`` exists we want to use it wherever `pow` is
-used (There might be hundreds of them!).  We can use a pattern like::
+used (there might be hundreds of them!).  We can use a pattern like::
   pattern: pow(${?param1}, ${?param2})
 It seems to be working but what if `pow` is imported in some module or
 we have some other function defined in some other module that uses the
 same name and we don't want to change it.  Checks come to rescue.
-Checks are like mappings.  Its keys are pattern names that appear in
-the pattern (the names in ``${...}``).  The might have a ``.object``
-or ``.type`` postfix.
+Checks are mappings; Its keys are pattern names that appear in the
+pattern (the names in ``${...}``).  They might have a ``.object`` or
+``.type`` postfix.
 The values should be resolved into a python variable (or reference).
 For instance for showing `pow` in this example we can use `mod.pow`.

File rope/base/ast.py

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+import _ast
 from _ast import *
-import _ast
 def parse(source, filename='<string>'):

File rope/refactor/similarfinder.py

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     """Transform and identify rope inserted wildcards"""
     _normal_prefix = '__rope__variable_normal_'
-    _any_prefix = '__rope_variable_any_'
+    _any_prefix = '__rope__variable_any_'
     def get_normal(self, name):
         return self._normal_prefix + name

File ropeide/sourceactions.py

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 import rope.contrib.codeassist
 import ropeide.core
+import ropeide.formatter
+import ropeide.notes
+import ropeide.outline
+import ropeide.sort
 import ropeide.testview
 from rope.base import codeanalyze
 from rope.contrib import generate
 from ropeide.menubar import MenuAddress
 from ropeide.uihelpers import (TreeView, TreeViewHandle, EnhancedList,
-import ropeide.formatter
-import ropeide.notes
-import ropeide.outline
-import ropeide.sort
 class _OutlineViewHandle(TreeViewHandle):
     def __init__(self, editor, toplevel):