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 New Features
+* Adding restructuring arguments
 * Checking isinstance in restructurings
 * Better handling of one-liners
 * Choosing which files to apply a restructuring on
-* Allowing customizable restructuring wild-cards
 Restructuring ``checks`` has been deprecated in favor of restructuring
 ``arguments``.  This change is the first step towards custom
 means either `obj` is an instance of `mod.A` or it is an instance of a
 subclass of it.
-A new parameter called ``resources`` is added to
+A new parameter called ``resources`` has been added to
 `Restructure.get_changes()`.  It can be used to limit the list of
 resources to apply a restructuring on; restructurings are applied on
 all python files in the project, by default.

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-> Public Release 0.7.5 : January 17, 2008
+> Public Release 0.7.6

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+> Public Release 0.7.5 : January 17, 2008
 - Checking isinstance in restructurings : January 11, 2008