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extract: reporting extracting a method from a method with no args

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     def _get_function_signature(self, args):
         args = list(args)
         prefix = ''
-        if and not and \
-                _get_function_kind( == 'method':
+        if self._extracting_method():
             self_name = self._get_self_name()
+            if self_name is None:
+                raise RefactoringError('Extracting a method from a function '
+                                       'with no self argument.')
             if self_name in args:
             args.insert(0, self_name)
         return prefix + + \
                '(%s)' % self._get_comma_form(args)
+    def _extracting_method(self):
+        return and not and \
+               _get_function_kind( == 'method'
     def _get_self_name(self):
         param_names =
         if param_names:


                    '        print(self)\n'
         self.assertEquals(expected, refactored)
+    @testutils.assert_raises(rope.base.exceptions.RefactoringError)
+    def test_extract_method_with_no_self_as_argument(self):
+        code = 'class AClass(object):\n' \
+               '    def a_func():\n' \
+               '        print(1)\n'
+        start, end = self._convert_line_range_to_offset(code, 3, 3)
+        refactored = self.do_extract_method(code, start, end, 'new_func')
     def test_extract_method_with_multiple_methods(self):
         code = 'class AClass(object):\n' \
                '    def a_func(self):\n' \
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