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 New Features
-* Performing refactorings across multiple projects
-* Specifying the number of syntax error fixes in code_assist
-* Deprecated `Pycore.create_(module|package)`
+* Inlining a single occurrence
+* Global extract method/variable
+* Reporting fixed errors when ``max_fixes`` errors were fixed but yet
+  there are more syntax errors when using code-assist
+* Better scope finding
+* Better return value inference
-`Pycore.create_module()` and `create_package()` have been deprecated.
-Use `rope.contrib.generate.create_module()` and `create_package()`
+``Inline(Method|Variable).get_changes()`` take a new parameter called
+``only_current``.  If ``True``, only the current occurrence will be
-Cross-Project Refactorings
-`rope.refactor.multiproject` can be used to perform a refactoring
-across multiple projects.  See ``docs/library.txt`` for more
-`code_assist` Changes
-`rope.contrib.codeassist.code_assist()` takes two new optional
-parameters.  `maxfixes` parameter decides how many syntax errors to
-fix.  `later_locals`, if `True`, forces rope to propose names that are
-defined later in current scope.  See ``docs/library.txt`` for more
+``Extract(Variable|Method).get_changes()`` take a new parameter called
+``global_``.  If ``True``, the extracted variable|method will be made
+global and the whole file is searched for similar pieces instead of
+the original search scope.
 Getting Started

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-> Public Release 0.7.3
+> Public Release 0.7.4

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+> Public Release 0.7.3 : December 19, 2007
 - Inlining a single occurrence : December 13, 2007