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Added filename and lineno fields to ModuleSyntaxError

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 class ModuleSyntaxError(RopeError):
-    """Module has syntax errors"""
+    """Module has syntax errors
+    The `filename` and `lineno` fields indicate where the error has
+    occurred.
+    """
+    def __init__(self, filename, lineno, message):
+        self.filename = filename
+        self.lineno = lineno
+        self.message = message
+        super(ModuleSyntaxError, self).__init__(
+            'Syntax error in file <%s> line <%s>: %s' %
+            (filename, lineno, message))


                 filename = 'string'
                 if resource:
                     filename = resource.path
-                raise exceptions.ModuleSyntaxError(
-                    'Syntax error in file <%s> line <%s>: %s' %
-                    (filename, e.lineno, e.msg))
+                raise exceptions.ModuleSyntaxError(filename, e.lineno, e.msg)
                 ast_node = ast.parse('\n')
         self.star_imports = []


     def test_syntax_errors_in_code(self):
         mod = self.pycore.get_string_module('xyx print\n')
+    def test_holding_error_location_information(self):
+        try:
+            mod = self.pycore.get_string_module('xyx print\n')
+        except exceptions.ModuleSyntaxError, e:
+            self.assertEquals(1, e.lineno)
 class PyCoreInProjectsTest(unittest.TestCase):
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