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   Lets you perform things like organize imports.
+Refactoring Resources Parameter
+Some refactorings, restructure and find occurrences accept an argument
+called ``resources``.  If it is a list of `File`\s, all other
+resources in the project are ignored and the refactoring only analyzes
+them; if it is `None` all python module in the project will be
+analyzed.  Using this parameter, IDEs can let the user limit the files
+on which a refactoring should be applied.
 `get_definition_location` and `find_occurrences`).
+This module can be used to find the modules that provide a name.  IDEs
+can use this module to auto-import names.  `AutoImport.get_modules()`
+returns the list of modules with the given global name.
+`AutoImport.import_assist()` tries to find the modules that have a
+global name that starts with the given prefix.
 Cross-Project Refactorings