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   new_source_code = (source_code[:starting_offset] +
                      replacement + source_code[offset:])
+`maxfixes` parameter of `code_assist` decides how many syntax errors
+to fix.  The default value is one.  For instance::
+  def f():
+      g(my^
+  myvariable = None
+  def g(p):
+      invalid syntax ...
+will report `myvariable`, only if `maxfixes` is bigger than 1.
+`later_locals`, if `True`, forces rope to propose names that are
+defined later in current scope.  It is `True` by default.  For
+  def f():
+      my^
+      myvariable = None
+will not report `myvariable`, if `later_locals` is False.
 See pydocs and source code for more information (other functions in
-that module might be interesting, too; like `get_doc`,
+this module might be interesting, too; like `get_doc`,
 `get_definition_location` and `find_occurrences`).