rope_py3k / docs / contributing.txt

 Contributing to Rope

Get Involved!

Rope was started because of the lack of good refactoring tools for
python.  But after observing python IDE limitations we grew bigger
ideas in our heads.

If you want to have a more powerful python IDE and have big ideas
in your head, you are welcome to get involved.

How to Help Rope?

Rope mailing list is `rope-dev (at)`_.  You can send
a mail to ``rope-dev-subscribe (at) googlegroups [dot] com`` to

* Use rope
* Send bugs reports and request features
* Submit patches for bugs or new features
* Discuss your ideas

.. _`rope-dev (at)`:

Wish List

If you're interested you are welcome to discuss your ideas in
`rope-dev (at)`_ mailing list or send your patches.
Here is only a list of suggestions.


The `dev/issues.txt`_ file is actually the main rope todo file.  There
is a section called "unresolved issues"; it contains almost every kind
of task.  Most of them need some thought or discussion.  Pickup
whichever you are most interested in.  If you have ideas or questions
about them, don't hesitate to discuss it in the mailing list.

.. _`dev/issues.txt`: dev/issues.html

Getting Ready For Python 3.0

Checkout Mercurial_ repository.
Contributions are welcome.

Write Plugins For Other IDEs

See ropemacs_ and ropeide_.

.. _ropemacs:
.. _ropeide:

Rope Structure

Rope package structure::


Have a look at ```` of packages for finding their
description.  Also have a look at `library.txt`_ for a few

.. _`library.txt`: library.html

Source Repository

Rope uses Mercurial_ CMS:

* Rope main branch:
* Rope py3k branch:

.. _Mercurial:

Submitting patches

Patches to rope's code are welcome.

Patch style

* Follow :PEP:`8`.
* Use four spaces for indentation.
* Include good unit-tests if possible.
* Rope test suite should pass after patching
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