rope_py3k / README.txt

            rope : A Python IDE

  'rope' is a Python IDE. Its main goal is to provide features like
auto-completion, refactorings, content assists and outlines. It is 
written in python and uses the Tkinter library.

Version Overview
  We've just started. Right now, rope is a basic editor. One of our goals
was to develop rope using rope and for achieving this we've implemented
the a basic editor as our first task. We've already started using rope. From
now on we will move toward the promised features like auto-completion.  

  The keybinding will be customizable in future. 
Some of these bindings are choosen from emacs and some from eclipse.

C-x C-p        open/new project
C-x C-n        new file
C-Shift-r      find file
C-x b          change active editor
C-x k          close active editor
C-F6           switch active editor
C-x C-c        exit
C-F11          run active editor

C-s            start searching
C-x C-u        undo
C-x C-r        redo
C-space        set mark
C-w            cut region
M-w            copy region
C-y            paste
C-x C-s        save
C-i            correct line indentation

Bug reports
  Send your bug reports and feature requests to rope's sourceforge
project page at

  This program is under the terms of GPL(GNU General Public License). Have a look
at copying file for more information.