rope_py3k / docs / workingon.txt

*** Show searching status in the status bar @ 2 ***

- Removing status kind
- Return what when status kind does not exist
- Setting width for status texts
- Showing status while searching
- Separate module for StatusBarManager
- create_status, get_status
- What if the editor goes out of focus while searching

* Extract listbox; duplicates in editor and core
    ? uihelpers module
? Separating ui modules and packages
  ? Decide which modules are the domain and which are the presentation
  ? Should editing tools access Editor directly? Which of them?
? Specifing the type of each story; UI or Core

? The connection between ASTs and Type Hierarchies
* Better font selection on windows
? Think about a library for functional testing
? SF repository; SVN or CVS? How to synchronize local SVN with SF?
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