1. zjes
  2. rope_py3k


rope_py3k / rope / base / exceptions.py

class RopeError(Exception):
    """Base exception for rope"""

class ResourceNotFoundError(RopeError):
    """Resource not found exception"""

class RefactoringError(RopeError):
    """Errors for performing a refactoring"""

class InterruptedTaskError(RopeError):
    """The task has been interrupted"""

class HistoryError(RopeError):
    """Errors for history undo/redo operations"""

class ModuleNotFoundError(RopeError):
    """Module not found exception"""

class AttributeNotFoundError(RopeError):
    """Attribute not found exception"""

class NameNotFoundError(RopeError):
    """Name not found exception"""

class BadIdentifierError(RopeError):
    """The name cannot be resolved"""

class ModuleSyntaxError(RopeError):
    """Module has syntax errors

    The `filename` and `lineno` fields indicate where the error has


    def __init__(self, filename, lineno, message):
        self.filename = filename
        self.lineno = lineno
        self.message_ = message
        super(ModuleSyntaxError, self).__init__(
            'Syntax error in file <%s> line <%s>: %s' %
            (filename, lineno, message))

class ModuleDecodeError(RopeError):
    """Cannot decode module"""

    def __init__(self, filename, message):
        self.filename = filename
        self.message_ = message
        super(ModuleDecodeError, self).__init__(
            'Cannot decode file <%s>: %s' % (filename, message))