1. zjes
  2. rope_py3k


rope_py3k / rope / base / ast.py

import _ast
from _ast import *

from rope.base import fscommands

def parse(source, filename='<string>'):
    # NOTE: the raw string should be given to `compile` function
    if isinstance(source, unicode):
        source = fscommands.unicode_to_file_data(source)
    if '\r' in source:
        source = source.replace('\r\n', '\n').replace('\r', '\n')
    if not source.endswith('\n'):
        source += '\n'
        return compile(source, filename, 'exec', _ast.PyCF_ONLY_AST)
    except (TypeError, ValueError), e:
        error = SyntaxError()
        error.lineno = 1
        error.filename = filename
        error.msg = str(e)
        raise error

def walk(node, walker):
    """Walk the syntax tree"""
    method_name = '_' + node.__class__.__name__
    method = getattr(walker, method_name, None)
    if method is not None:
        return method(node)
    for child in get_child_nodes(node):
        walk(child, walker)

def get_child_nodes(node):
    if isinstance(node, _ast.Module):
        return node.body
    result = []
    if node._fields is not None:
        for name in node._fields:
            child = getattr(node, name)
            if isinstance(child, list):
                for entry in child:
                    if isinstance(entry, _ast.AST):
            if isinstance(child, _ast.AST):
    return result

def call_for_nodes(node, callback, recursive=False):
    """If callback returns `True` the child nodes are skipped"""
    result = callback(node)
    if recursive and not result:
        for child in get_child_nodes(node):
            call_for_nodes(child, callback, recursive)

def get_children(node):
    result = []
    if node._fields is not None:
        for name in node._fields:
            if name in ['lineno', 'col_offset']:
            child = getattr(node, name)
    return result