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add ".svn" to global part in .hgignore
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Added tag v0.4.1 for changeset 628450a80e70
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increased depth of the TOC, added some aknowledgements, removed a todo item
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Release 0.4.1
825 B
prepare for release 0.1.0
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initial import
491 B
Updated MANIFEST to reflect new static directories
691 B
Switch to for documentation + added a note on contributing to the docs
299 B
Include admin_tools root package in test coverage
1.9 KB
Make executable


django-admin-tools is a collection of extensions/tools for the default django administration interface, it includes:

  • a full featured and customizable dashboard,
  • a customizable menu bar,
  • tools to make admin theming easier.

The project code and bugtracker is hosted on Bitbucket.

Django-admin-tools is generously documented, you can browse the documentation online. a good start is to read the quickstart guide.

Thanks for downloading django-admin-tools.

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