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What is it?

This is the default theme for LFS, an online shop based on Django.


0.5.0 beta 4 (2010-07-30)

  • Bugfixed right-slot-wrapper
  • Bugfix order_received_mail.html: display property price only if display_price is true
  • Added french translations (Jacques Seite)

0.5.0 beta 3 (2010-06-30)

  • Bugfix filter portlet: display option name
  • Added new_user_mail_subject template
  • Display default value for configurable properties
  • Bugfix: correct display of property title
  • Bugfix: correct display of product unit
  • CSS fix: remove display:block from label

0.5.0 beta 2 (2010-06-27)

  • Cleaned up contact form

0.5.0 beta 1 (2010-06-27)

  • First beta release
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