Smith Dhumbumroong avatar Smith Dhumbumroong committed bda0dbf

Add a hack to append ".0" to the package version number if $pkgver
is the same as $_kernver.

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   # remove the junk symlinks
   cd $srcdir/linux-$_kernver
-  rm $pkgdir/lib/modules/${pkgver}-eeepc-901/{build,source}
+  if [ "$_kernver" != "$pkgver" ]; then
+    rm $pkgdir/lib/modules/${pkgver}-eeepc-901/{build,source}
+  else
+    rm $pkgdir/lib/modules/${pkgver}.0-eeepc-901/{build,source}
+  fi
   # install the kernel
   cp arch/x86/boot/bzImage $pkgdir/boot/vmlinuz-eeepc-901
   # install a helper file for all install scripts
   mkdir -p $pkgdir/usr/share/kernel-eeepc-901/
-  echo "KERNEL_VERSION='${pkgver}-eeepc-901'" > $pkgdir/usr/share/kernel-eeepc-901/currver
+  if [ "$_kernver" != "$pkgver" ]; then
+    echo "KERNEL_VERSION='${pkgver}-eeepc-901'" > \
+    $pkgdir/usr/share/kernel-eeepc-901/currver
+  else
+    echo "KERNEL_VERSION='${pkgver}.0-eeepc-901'" > \
+    $pkgdir/usr/share/kernel-eeepc-901/currver
+  fi
   # udev rules for SSD drives
   mkdir -p $pkgdir/lib/udev/rules.d/
   install -m644 $srcdir/CREDITS $pkgdir/usr/share/kernel-eeepc-901/CREDITS
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