Smith Dhumbumroong avatar Smith Dhumbumroong committed c08fb1d

Add ability to specify restart and shutdown commands.

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         config_file = os.path.join(config_dir, 'PyShutdownBoxrc')
         # define sections name
-        command_run = 'Command to run before shutdown'
-        process_list = 'List of process to close before shutdown, separated by comma'
-        logout_command = 'Command used to logout'
+        command_run = 'Command to run before shutdown.'
+        process_list = 'List of process to close before shutdown, separated by comma.'
+        logout_command = 'Command used to logout.'
+        restart_command = 'Restart command. Specify "dbus" to use dbus to restart.'
+        shutdown_command = 'Shutdown command. Specify "dbus" to use dbus to shutdown.'
         config = ConfigParser.RawConfigParser()
             self.rc_shutdown = config.get(command_run, 'command')
             self.plist = config.get(process_list, 'process_list')
             self.logout_cmd = config.get(logout_command, 'logout_command')
+            self.restart_cmd = config.get(restart_command, 'restart_command')
+            self.shutdown_cmd = config.get(shutdown_command, 'shutdown_command')
             if not os.path.isdir(config_dir):
             config.set(process_list, 'process_list', 'None')
-            config.set(process_list, 'logout_command', 'None')
+            config.set(logout_command, 'logout_command', 'None')
+            config.add_section(restart_command)
+            config.set(restart_command, 'restart_command', 'dbus')
+            config.add_section(shutdown_command)
+            config.set(shutdown_command, 'shutdown_command', 'dbus')
             with open(config_file, 'wb') as configfile:
-        self.pwm.Restart()
+        if self.restart_cmd is "dbus":
+            self.pwm.Restart()
+        else:
+            os.system(self.restart_cmd)
     def shutdown(self, widget):
         if not self.rc_shutdown == 'None':
-        self.pwm.Stop()
+        if self.shutdown_cmd is "dbus":
+            self.pwm.Stop()
+        else:
+            os.system(self.shutdown_cmd)
     def exit(self, widget):
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