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Tests fail on Windows

Ross Light
repo owner created an issue

Many path related parts of GLaDOS assume POSIX paths, which is not the case on Windows.

PS C:\Users\Ross Light\Go\src\\zombiezen\glados> go test ./...
--- FAIL: TestUpdateForm (0.00 seconds)
update_test.go:72:      proj.Path("foo") = "C:\\Users\\Ross Light\\Go\\src\\\\zombiezen\\glados\\usr\\src\\
hello"; want "/usr/src/hello"
FAIL  2.863s
--- FAIL: TestLocalPutProject_New (0.00 seconds)
local_test.go:203:      vcs added = [projects\foo.json]; want [projects/foo.json]
--- FAIL: TestLocalPutProject_Rename (0.00 seconds)
local_test.go:319:      vcs added = [projects\foo.json]; want [projects/foo.json]
local_test.go:322:      vcs removed = [projects\glados.json]; want [projects/glados.json]
local_test.go:325:      vcs renamed = map[projects\glados.json:projects\foo.json]; want map[projects/glados.json:project
FAIL  2.745s
ok   0.653s
ok   0.161s
ok      1.104s

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