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Fix compiler errors

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 import (
-	"encoding/json"
 // ResponseStats is a ResponseWriter that records statistics about a response.
 type ResponseStats struct {
-	w          http.ResponseWriter
-	statusCode int
-	size       int64
+	w    http.ResponseWriter
+	code int
+	size int64
 // NewResponseStats returns a new ResponseStats that writes to w.
 func (r *ResponseStats) WriteHeader(statusCode int) {
-	r.statusCode = statusCode
+	r.code = statusCode
 func (r *ResponseStats) Write(p []byte) (n int, err error) {
-	if r.statusCode == 0 {
-		r.statusCode = http.StatusOK
+	if r.code == 0 {
+		r.code = http.StatusOK
 	n, err = r.w.Write(p)
 	r.size += int64(n)
 // AddFuncs adds the package's template functions.
 func AddFuncs(t *template.Template, router *mux.Router) {
-		"path": routePath(router),
-		"url":  routeURL(router),
+		"path": RoutePath(router),
+		"url":  RouteURL(router),
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