1. Glenn Hutchings
  2. hgbook-sphinx


.. -*- rst -*-

 Mercurial Book formatted with Sphinx

This package is a version of the book *Distributed revision control with
Mercurial*, written by Bryan O'Sullivan (http://hgbook.red-bean.com)
reformatted for Sphinx.  It reformats the original LaTeX sources using a
hacked version of the converter used on the standard Python documentation.

It's not finished:

* SVG files need fixing up as before.
* More index entries need to be added.
* Example filenames need fixing up for LaTeX.

To build the book, you will need to install these first:

* Sphinx: http://sphinx.pocoo.org
* Sphinx needs Jinja2: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/Jinja2
* Pygments: http://pygments.org