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 Sphinx-Scons -- an SCons build script for Sphinx


This package contains ``SConstruct``, a generic SCons_ build script for
invoking Sphinx_ to build documentation.

The ``sphinx-quickstart`` program can automatically create two build
scripts: a ``Makefile`` for Unix systems, and a ``make.bat`` equivalent for
Windows.  This script has the advantage that it works the same way on both
systems (once you have installed SCons).


Basically, just copy the ``SConstruct`` file to the top-level directory of
your Sphinx docs, and then use **scons** at a command prompt to build
things.  Typing ``scons -h`` will give a help message describing all the
things you can do.

As an example, if you just type ``scons`` in this package's directory, you
can read this ``README`` in style, รก la Sphinx.


This package is in the process of being reimplemented from scratch as
SCons_Sphinx_.  This will be a standard SCons "tool"---i.e., one that you
can use as part of a larger project.

.. _SCons: http://www.scons.org
.. _Sphinx: http://sphinx.pocoo.org
.. _SCons_Sphinx: https://bitbucket.org/russel/scons_sphinx

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.. mode: rst
.. End: