Enhancement for denoting "key" : value pairs

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Hi ZSerge,

I have added a functionality to help make sure two tokens have a ':' between them by adding a "valueof" field to the token structure. In the token after the ':' the valueof will point to the token before the ':', and for all other tokens it will be -1 (in the same way a token will point to its parent when this is enabled).

.c file is attached, changes in .h are: typedef struct { jsmntype_t type; int start; int end; int size; int valueof;


    int parent;


} jsmntok_t;

/ * JSON parser. Contains an array of token blocks available. Also stores * the string being parsed now and current position in that string / typedef struct { unsigned int pos; / offset in the JSON string / int toknext; / next token to allocate / int toksuper; / superior token node, e.g parent object or array / int nextisval; / flag: next token is value of previous */ } jsmn_parser;

Hope you find this useful!

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  1. Serge Zaitsev repo owner

    It's finally implemented! Now some string tokens have size of 1 which means they have a single child node. That's how you can tell key from a string value. It also simplifies parsing a lot. See commit 84cb5790d973

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