Very, very slow with big files.

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Gabriel Gritsch
created an issue

Hi there,

I have a JSON file with about 9 MB and it takes over 6 seconds to parse it (only one run of "jsmn_parse" because enough tokens are already allocated before time-measurement starts).

Attached is a screenshot of the profiler which shows the lines that are slow.

Only for comparision: the file can be parsed with "NSJSONSerialization" in less than 0.2 seconds (and apple classes are not very fast...)

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  1. Gabriel Gritsch reporter

    This is an example-file. It has 6.5 MB (compressed only a few kb) and takes about 6.5 seconds to parse. It seems that the parser has problems (is slow) because objects are nested (I have tried with an object that contains amy key-value-pairs but no child-objects and in this case it is very fast).

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