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+.TH six 1 "August 21, 2011" "version 0.1" "USER COMMANDS"
+six \- simple IRC client kept simple
+.B six
+[\-p port] [\-n nickname] [\-j channel] [\-N] [ \-s script ] [\-k password]
+.B six is an improved version of
+.B sic
+(irc client by
+six has a single window interface - all your chats are multiplexed into one
+six makes is easy to type and edit messages. Instead of raw input it uses
+readline, that's why autocomplete and history can be easily implemented later.
+So, six is very small (~200 SLOC) and very hackable.
+display short help text
+\-p port
+use custom port. Default is 6667.
+\-n nickname
+use given nickname instead of default (which is retrieved from $USER
+environment variable)
+\-j channel
+join the channel after connecting to the server
+\-k password
+use password to autorize on the server
+use NickServ autorization instead of PASS command (use \-k option to provide
+\-s script
+run custom script for connecting to the server. Useful for automating
+IRC server address
+You can use any IRC protocol command directly, prefixed with a colon, e.g.
+":who", ":quit". There is also a number of internal commands listed below.
+:j channel
+join the channel
+:l channel
+leave the channel
+:m nick msg
+send message <msg> to the user <nick>
+:s nick
+set the default user name to <nick>. Then, you can just type message and press ENTER to send it
+to the default user (no ':m nick' is needed).
+You can use six with bitlbee for communicating with other IMs and login like this:
+six -s "PRIVMSG root :IDENTIFY your_password" localhost
+You can use shell alias for this command if you like.
+Serge A. Zaitsev (zaitsev.serge (at)
+sic(1) readline(3)