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title: zserge's home page: as simple as it should be keywords: software, minimalism, linux, embedded, avr, android, golang, KISS

zserge's home page

Hi! I'm Serge. I'm a programmer.

I like

I like: simplicity, unix, C, embedded systems, android, Go language.

I also like: music, retro computers and games, esoteric programming languages. But most of all I like my girlfriend, Anna.


It would be great if my works would be useful to someone. They are free, open source, and very simple:

  • jsmn - JSON parser for small systems [repo]
  • six - very simple IRC client [repo]
  • gotftp - basic TFTP server written in Go [repo]
  • j1vm - J1 Forth CPU simulator and compiler [repo]
  • nikl - micro-framework for programming embedded systems [repo]
  • ivm - simple forth virtual machine (a part of nikl) [repo]


I'm not a social guy, but

  • You can email me at google mail: zaitsev.serge
  • Or follow on twitter: @zsergo
  • Or read my blog (in russian)