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+title: new project: jknav
+post: new project: jknav
+description: my attempt to jk-navigation in browsers
+date: 2012-11-30
+# {{ }}
+I like Vim and I like using 'J' and 'K' to scroll text down and up.
+I know about Vimperator/Vimium, but they seem too powerful to me.
+That's why I started my [NIH](
+browser extension. At the moment, Firefox and Chrome are supported.
+Here's [the project page](/jknav.html), and here are 
+[the sources](
+Any advice or comments welcome!

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+title: jknav for Chrome and Firefox
+keywords: jk, hjkl, vi-like, firefox, chrome, extension, vimperator, vimium
+jknav is a simple vi-link j/k navigation and link hinting extension for Chrome
+and Firefox.
+I have to apologize to real javascript developers for my ugly code. 
+Any advice from experienced developers in this area is appreciated ;)
+why not use Vimperator/Vimium?
+I really like that extensions, they are powerful and behave much like Vim.  On
+the other hand, I'm used to native hotkeys, like Ctrl-D to add to bookmarks
+(not scroll half-page down) etc. I'm quiet happy with the default hotkeys,
+except for j/k, which is much nicer than arrow-up/arrow-down. Also, link
+hinting saves time for me and makes web surfing possible without using mouse at
+That's why I wrote my own tiny extrension for this limited purpose.
+Extension sources are hosted on [bitbucket](
+Also, one can get there prebuilt
+[*.xpi]( and
+[*.crx]( packages.
+Installation can be tricky, so for Chrome you should open "Extensions" page
+(from Menu-Tools), then drag-n-drop the *.crx file from the file manager.
+Firefox users should open Tools-Addons window, then pick "Install Add-on From
+File..." option in the dropdown menu. Restart is required for extension to
+After the plugin is installed, use 'j' and 'k' to scroll page down and up.
+Use 'f' to highlight links, then type a number corresponding to the link you
+want to follow. If your number is too short (e.g. there is link '2', '21', '22', ...
+and you want to follow the link '2') - press ENTER to confirm your choice.
+other info
+As I have very limited experience in javascript I must warn you that this software
+have tons of bugs. The good news is that it's open-source and distributed under
+MIT license, so feel free to modify it if you need.

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 	* [ivm](j1vm.html) - simple forth virtual machine
 * [textizer](/textizer.html) - a tool for building your own widgets for Android
 * [2](/2.html) - better alternative to "cd"
+* [jknav](/jknav.html) - a very simple vi-like j/k navigation and link hinting for Chrome and Firefox