CinderLocalizer is a small tool especially for managing VS include / lib dirs and updating Cinder locations across users/computers in Visual Studio projects.

How to use

1. You need to install Python first: http://www.python.org/ftp/python/2.7.6/python-2.7.6.msi

2. Edit cinder_path in line 3 of CinderLocalizer.py

3. Copy it to a folder of your project or at your path and just run it (double-click if Python is installed)

It will look for .vcxproj files in sub-folders, then it'll go backwards till it finds a file called CinderLocalizer.txt and it'll update the .vcxproj files according to what's written in CinderLocalizer.txt

A sample CinderLocalizer.txt is in my IntelCam block:

include_rel: PCSDK\include
include_rel: PCSDK\sample\common\include
include_rel: PCSDK\sample\common\res
include_rel: src

An other example for CinderLocalizer.txt is the OpenCV block:

include_rel: include
include_abs: ..\include

If you just want to update Cinder directories then just leave an empty CinderLocalizer.txt in the project root.

The possible options at a start of a line:

  • include_abs
  • include_rel
  • lib_abs
  • lib_rel


I've been using this program for quite some time now and so far it's been reliable, and most importantly it backs up your .vcxproj files. BUT at the moment it still has some parsing errors on some .vcxproj files, as I'm just using regex matching, not an xml parser.

So please always check if your project works and if not restore from the backup file. Also, since it parses all project files in all subdirectories recursively, I'd recommend you to only run it on a separated folder first, to avoid corrupting any of your other projects.

I'll change it to use full xml parsing and then this bug should be fixed. In the future I might extend it with a GUI.

Feel free to contribute to the project.


CinderLocaliser is licensed under MIT license.

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