1. Anton Strogonoff
  2. django-openid-auth



= Django OpenID Authentication Support =

This package provides integration between Django's authentication system and OpenID authentication. It also includes support for using a fixed OpenID server endpoint, which can be useful when implementing single signon systems.

== Basic Installation ==

  1. Install the Jan Rain Python OpenID library. It can be found at:


    It can also be found in most Linux distributions packaged as "python-openid". You will need version 2.2.0 or later.

  2. Add 'django_openid_auth' to INSTALLED_APPS for your application. At a minimum, you'll need the following in there:


    'django.contrib.auth', 'django.contrib.contenttypes', 'django.contrib.sessions', 'django_openid_auth',


  3. Add 'django_auth_openid.auth.OpenIDBackend' to AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS. This should be in addition to the default ModelBackend:


    'django_openid_auth.auth.OpenIDBackend', 'django.contrib.auth.backends.ModelBackend',


  4. To create users automatically when a new OpenID is used, add the following to the settings:


  5. To have user details updated from OpenID Simple Registration or Attribute Exchange extension data each time they log in, add the following:


  6. Hook up the login URLs to your application's urlconf with something like:

    urlpatterns = patterns('',

    ... (r'^openid/', include('django_openid_auth.urls')), ...


  7. Configure the LOGIN_URL and LOGIN_REDIRECT_URL appropriately for your site:

    LOGIN_URL = '/openid/login/' LOGIN_REDIRECT_URL = '/'

    This will allow pages that use the standard @login_required decorator to use the OpenID login page.

  8. Rerun "python manage.py syncdb" to add the UserOpenID table to your database.

== Configuring Single Sign-On ==

If you only want to accept identities from a single OpenID server and that server implemnts OpenID 2.0 identifier select mode, add the following setting to your app:

OPENID_SSO_SERVER_URL = 'server-endpoint-url'

With this setting enabled, the user will not be prompted to enter their identity URL, and instead an OpenID authentication request will be started with the given server URL.

As an example, to use Launchpad accounts for SSO, you'd use:

OPENID_SSO_SERVER_URL = 'https://login.launchpad.net/'

== Launchpad Teams Support ==

This library supports the Launchpad Teams OpenID extension. Using this feature, it is possible to map Launchpad team memberships to Django group memberships. It can be configured with:


'launchpad-team-1': 'django-group-1', 'launchpad-team-2': 'django-group-2', }

When a user logs in, they will be added or removed from the relevant teams listed in the mapping.

If you have already django-groups and want to map these groups automatically, you can use the OPENID_LAUNCHPAD_TEAMS_MAPPING_AUTO variable in your settings.py file.


If you use OPENID_LAUNCHPAD_TEAMS_MAPPING_AUTO, the variable OPENID_LAUNCHPAD_TEAMS_MAPPING will be ignored. If you want to exclude some groups from the auto mapping, use OPENID_LAUNCHPAD_TEAMS_MAPPING_AUTO_BLACKLIST. This variable has only an effect if OPENID_LAUNCHPAD_TEAMS_MAPPING_AUTO is True.

OPENID_LAUNCHPAD_TEAMS_MAPPING_AUTO_BLACKLIST = ['django-group1', 'django-group2']

== External redirect domains ==

By default, redirecting back to an external URL after auth is forbidden. To permit redirection to external URLs on a separate domain, define ALLOWED_EXTERNAL_OPENID_REDIRECT_DOMAINS in your settings.py file as a list of permitted domains:

ALLOWED_EXTERNAL_OPENID_REDIRECT_DOMAINS = ['example.com', 'example.org']

and redirects to external URLs on those domains will additionally be permitted.

== Use as /admin (django.admin.contrib) login ==

If you require openid authentication into the admin application, add the following setting:


It is worth noting that a user needs to be be marked as a "staff user" to be able to access the admin interface. A new openid user will not normally be a "staff user". The easiest way to resolve this is to use traditional authentication (OPENID_USE_AS_ADMIN_LOGIN = False) to sign in as your first user with a password and authorise your openid user to be staff.