José Antonio Pérez Sánchez committed 2986ed1

hg aliases; vim powerline theme

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 dlog = log --style ~/.hgstyle.dlog --pager yes
 nlog = log --style ~/.hgstyle.nlog --pager yes
 sglog = log --style ~/.hgstyle.sglog --pager yes
-sync = !(echo Incoming...; hg in -b. --style ~/.hgstyle.slog && hg pull -b. --rebase); (echo Outgoing...; hg out -b. && hg push -r.)
+sync = !(echo Incoming...; $HG in -b. --style ~/.$HGstyle.slog && $HG pull -b. --rebase); (echo Outgoing...; $HG out -b. && $HG push -r.)
+last-integration = log -r 'last(children(branch("$1")) and branch(integration), $2)'
+last-merge-of = log -r 'last(children(branch("$1")) and branch("$2"), $3)'
+changes = log -r '$1::. and branch("$2") and not merge()'
 pager =
 pager = LESS='FSRX' less
-ignore = version, help, update, server, record
+ignore = version, update, server, record
 delay = 1


-changeset = '\033[0;33m{rev}\033[0m{branches} {desc|firstline|strip} \033[1;30m({date|age} by {author|person}){bookmarks}\033[0m{tags}\033[0m\n'
+changeset = '\033[0;33m{rev} {node|short}\033[0m{branches} {desc|firstline|strip} \033[1;30m({date|age} by {author|person}){bookmarks}\033[0m{tags}\033[0m\n'
 changeset_quiet = '\033[0;33m{rev}\033[0m {desc|firstline|strip}\n'


 				"module": "z.powerline.segments.vim",
 				"args": { "code": "tagbar#currenttag('%s', '')" },
 				"highlight_group": ["background"],
-				"draw_divider": false
+				"draw_divider": false,
+				"priority": 10
 				"type": "string",